3 things to be more of a man (#158)

Day highlights:

  • Woke up next to JB.
  • Super long meeting at work.
  • Went for a chilly, but nice walk.
  • Watched an episode of Over the Garden Wall.
  • Had a lovely discussion about being a Man with JB.

Thought of the day:

I've been wondering lately what it means to be a man.

Not society's definition or a broad definition.

I was really wondering what being a man was for myself.

How do I want to develop and when will I be able to say that I am a man.

Indeed, even though I'm 27, I know that I'm not a man yet.

Age has nothing to do with it and I think everyone can have their own definition.

Actually, maybe being a man isn't the right question. I was simply wondering what I felt was lacking in myself to be the best version of myself?

Anyway, whatever the question is, I had a good discussion about it with JB.

What came out was CDDM.





These were the things I felt I was lacking in order to become a better man.

After thinking about it though, I decided to remove decisiveness because, within the same theme/sphere, I think it goes with confidence.

Why am I indecisive? Because I am not confident in making the right choice.

If I were to be confident, I don't think I'd have any trouble making decisions.

So what's left is CDM.

Coincidentally, my belief is that these three things are placed order of importance.

Having confidence is a cheat code. People who have confidence are able to think about conquering the world.

Having discipline is the missing piece in actually conquering the world. Another cheat code.

Finally, maturity, although not necessary in order to advance in the material world, is crucial when interacting with other people. And because I believe that our network is very important, I also believe that maturity is crucial for a man.

I made quite the progress this week !

Discovered the 7 things I think of doing and also 3 things I need to work on in my personal life.

I'm happy with the progress, but not overly joyous because until I take action, it doesn't matter that much !

Good night.

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