3 thoughts about the apt life (#034)

3 is quick thoughts about my big move (demenagement)

Day events:

  • First day sleeping more than 7 hours this week hahahah.
  • Completed an impromptu request that took longer than expected.
  • Succesfully cooked some bok choy for the first time !
  • Had a good gym session.
  • Helped brobro move a little bit.
  • Had an unexpected conversation with my new neighbour.

Thought of the day:

Jesus, I really have to sleep earlier. I keep writing these posts when I'm tired af so I rush through them.

Oh well, hopefully when I will have settled more.

Quick thought #1:

I remember when I told my mom that I was moving out, she was worried about me, saying that I won't have time to chill because I'd be too busy doing things around the house.

And she was right. I'm very busy doing house work and I love it.

I realized that my mind doesn't have time to think about unimportant things when I keep myself occupied.

Quick thought #2:

I've been cooking a little bit here and there and I must say... I've been enjoying it !

I always thought I was going to be too lazy to cook or something, but I guess it was just the fact that someone (aka my mom) was always there to do it for me so I never really bothered with it.

But now that I don't have a choice to cook, it's a different story.

I'm excited to see what I'll cook (and if it'll be good or not).

Quick thought #3:

I realized that in the short amount of time I spent living "alone", I quite enjoyed it. Being able to only worry about myself is kinda a mood.

So I'm looking forward to see how the dynamic will change once my bro moves in tomorrow.

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