A brief interaction with a stranger (#038)

A guy was reading a manga in the metro....

Day events:

  • Normal day at work, nothing too special.
  • Ate some Bo Kho (holyfuck that shit is so good).
  • Rode my bike to atwater (felt good on the legs).
  • Bad bad badmintonnnn (played pretty well today).
  • Ate some Poulet Rouge (ughh there's just something about rice, chicken, vegetables and that "spicy" mayo saucee).
  • A bit of house cleaning (I realized that I like clean spaces).

Thought of the day:

On Sunday, I was in the metro, heading to the Atwater club to play badminton when I saw a guy walk in the metro.

He walked in, glanced a bit right and left, looking for a seat.

Until finally, he decided to sit right in front of me.

He then proceeded to settle into his seat, you know, make himself comfortable and when he was finally ready, he wiped out a manga out of his bag.

The manga happened to be Volume 05 of Spy x Family, a popular anime this season that I am currently following.

There's this weird pride in me whenever I see other "weebs" in society. I'm putting quotation marks because I know I'm not really a weeb, I'm simply an anime watcher.

Anyway, because of this pride, I felt compelled to talk to him for some reason. Actually, there was specifically one question that popped in my head and it was "does the story get better or worse compared to what's currently playing in the anime?".

I was about to ask him the question, but for some reason, I froze for a bit.

I started doubting myself.

"Is it weird?"

"Ma question a pas vraiment rapport, what's the point?"

"Am I simply going to ask him the question and then that's it?"

"What if I'm bothering him?"

As I was about to give in to the negativity, a little voice in my head simply told me to push through and create this little light interaction with a total stranger.

And so I did.

I gathered up my courage and asked:

"Hey man, does it get even better than the anime?"

"Oh yes it does", he replied.

"Aight thanks", I said after raising a thumbs up.

We then both proceeded to chuckle a little bit and that is that.

He returned to reading, I returned to listening to my podcast.

So, what's the point of this story?

I'm not sure, but I think there was something cool about taking some time out of my "busy" life to simply interact with a total stranger.

I feel like we're always so busy busy with our heads down, minding our own business that we sometimes forget to interconnect with the world around us.

I know that this probably didn't change the guy's life and it didn't change mine either.

But I do know that this little conversation we had was a micro-positive interaction and if we can all create micro-positive interactions with one another, it might lead to the spread of more positivity.

And at the end of the day... isn't that what life is all about?

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