A feature post (#029)

started a post and it got taken over by JB

Day events:

  • Morning tacos.
  • Badminton for 4 hours.
  • Les saisons de Corée with Tres amigos + una amiga + Mr. NYC.
  • Fireworks with JB.
  • Curiosity quenching conversation with JB.

Thought of the day:

I am tired as shit right now, but I do not want to break my streak.

Here's a little shitty post.

I've been talking more about religion lately, christianity to be more specific.

In christianity, there's this concept that God has a plan for each and every single one of us.

I've been wondering lately what would be my plan.

For the longest time, I wanted to take control of my own life, but every time I tried to, it simply led to misery.

Mainly because making important life decisions only using my logical brain does not work.

Miss JB takes over: So yeah, Nijahusa is about to pass the fuck out so I'm gonna take over his post for tonight - funny funny.

But indeed, as he wrote in his day events, tonight we had a "quenching conversation" - whatever that means (hihihi) and spoke a lot about Christianity (I mean, mainly asking questions and answering back and forth type of thing) and if there had to be one thing I had to retain from tonight's conversation is how Mr. Nijahusa - completely passed the fuck out btw - was speaking a lot about what would be a "good" reason to believe in God (or higher being in his case).

Side note: Cutie here is asleep.

I think he's definitely an overthinker and definitely has a hard time making choices, but choosing to have faith in something or someone you don't truly know about, especially with your life, is a tough decision to make - so I totally get as to why he's curious and looking for a valid reason to believe in God or seeking the truth.

Be right back: making instant noodles.

But like I told him, it's important for him, and any other human being honestly, to stay curious. However, no matter what, the truth will always find its way back to you. I don't really know what's the point I'm trying to make here, but I am a big believer in the fact that everything in life has a meaning/purpose - including tonight's conversation/ and the fact that I'm taking over his post.

Mr. Nijahusa is a perculiar being from other people that I've met or known and we're kind of going or both went through different periods in our life that we can teach each other about. I'm clearly rambling my ass right here, but I guess if there was one advice I'd have to give the author of this post (excluding me) it'd be to stay curious, adventurous, and to enjoy every parts of your life.

One day, when you take glance at your past, you'll realize someday that everything added up for you to be where you are supposed to be "today" (in a good way obviously). You might not know what it is that you are specifically looking for, you might not understand why these past few days have all been "clutch timing", you don't know why you still have that fiery passion for badminton ignited again or why you've been so happy these past days/ this past month, but eventually you will.

All you need to do is to keep doing that you're doing now, surfing through the waves of life and eventually you'll reach to your destination and understand why or how everything happened the way it did - and you might even be grateful, even just a little, that everything fell into place the way it did.

Anyways, noodle time. It was fun rambling on this post just for the sake of rambling. Have a good one and maybe I'll be featured in a future post. Who knows?


Mr. Nijahusa X Miss JB

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