A few thoughts while in Chicago (#129)

Day highlights:

  • Grateful that everything ran smoothly at work this morning.
  • Felt good to finally have a working Ventra Pass.
  • Gymming felt so good, especially for my legs after walking so much yesterday (28000 steps).
  • Had a good lattee.
  • Visited the bean (pics are cool, I kinda see the hype now hahaha).
  • Ate a shake shack burger (miam miam).
  • Ate Italian Beef at Al's #1 and it was delicioussss (Beef, wet, hot & sweet).
  • Ate an ok hot dog at Jim's Original (with a suuuuuuper spicy pepper !!).
  • Very nice and relaxing architecture focused boat tour.
  • Didn't get the chance to eat at Vito's and Nick unfortunately :(
  • Ate again at Lou Malnati's instead.
  • Ate some fruits !!
  • Another video chat with JB !! I'm so lucky and grateful haha

Thought of the day:

I'm always glad to go on trips.

Even short ones like this one and even if it's not the most different place from Montreal (a city city is still just a city city).

I like them because they allow me to completely take a break from my daily routine and it sort of resets my mind.

I've been having some really good discussions with Mr. Phy and it gave me new things to think about and process.

One of those is investing 6 months into complete rehab of my body.

The other one is a reinforced notion that I am interested in Fitness and related subjects (physio, nutrition, etc.)

I want to think more on what type of role I want Fitness to play in my life. Do I go back to school and make it a full time job? Do I do certifications? Do I just keep fitness as a hobby?

I'm too dead right now though.

Good night.

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