A key factor to my happiness (#168)

Day highlights:

  • Productive day at work.
  • Karaoke with work peeps.
  • Spending a relaxing night with JB.

Thought of the day:

These past 3 days, I learned that noticeable progress in a direction I want is a big key factor in my happiness.

Let's break this down into 3 smaller sections: Noticeable Progress, in a direction I want and my happiness.

Noticeable Progress

It doesn't matter how small the progress is, what actually matters is that I am progressing. Whether I'm spending 4 hours or 30 minutes towards something, it's relatively the same. As long as I can see that I am progressing. That is why feedback is very important.

In my case, I'm working on coding, which is very easy to notice progression. As I am coding more lines, I notice progress. As my application receives more features, I notice progress. In the craft I chose, spending time on it is almost synonymous to progressing on it.

In other fields, let's say, bodybuilding, the progress might not be as apparent. I believe it's important to find a way to measure your progress in a way that you can notice it. Maybe it's your bodyweight, maybe it's the weight you're lifting, maybe it's just your aesthetics in the mirror. No matter what, I think it's important to find a way to measure your progress.

There's a deeply fulfilling feeling knowing you're leveling up in anything.

In a direction I want

This next part is also very important for me.

Progress alone can be somewhat fulfilling, but if it's not progress towards a certain goal that I determined, then it'll quickly become unfulfilling.

If I read mangas everyday, I might become quicker at reading them and, although it is some type of progress, it probably won't make me happier or fulfilled.

With this in my mind, I believe it's important to do some self reflection and determine what we want. Not what other people want for you, not what society asks of you, but rather what we individually want.

My happiness

There are a lot of factors that can affect my happiness.

I don't know all of them, but I can certainly name a few.

Money (to a certain extent), friends, family, doing things I like, freedom, a fulfilling job, sports, fitness and probably many more.

What I want to point out here and why I think "noticeable progress in a direction I want" is a key factor in my happiness is that none of the other factors really changed.

Last week, I used to believe that I wasn't doing enough sports or that I needed more money or that I needed more freedom or that I needed to change my job.

However, I have been pretty happy these past few days and none of those changed.

Still the same salary, still the same amount of sports (although, I am progressing in my recover which makes me happier), still the same job and still the same freedom.

So what did change?

Noticeable progress in two directions I want.

Find your goals, break them down into small, actionable, noticeable steps and do them. I have no doubt it'll make you happy.

Good night.

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