A little lesson on transparent communication (#095)

Day highlights:

  • First team retreat
  • Swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding was sooo fun !
  • Jamming to music was great.
  • Ate some delicious tacos, thank you Mr. A.
  • Good discussions around the bonfire.
  • Super transparent convo with JB about a rather suspicious situation that happened (I was stressed about it but we handled it very well and it makes me super happy).

Thought of the day:

Today was yet again a reminder about how important communication is and especially transparent communication.

There was a situation that happened at the chalet between me and one of my coworkers and when it first happened, I didn't think anything of it.

But I had a little feeling that it might be something suspicious.

I wasn't sure whether or not it was important enough to tell JB because I obviously won't tell EVERY single interaction I have with girls (and I know she wouldn't want that either), but I decided to eer on the safe side and ask her thoughts about what happened.

And boy am I glad I did ! She was able to make me realize that it actually was suspicious and we both obviously don't know what really went on in her head at the time, but I was able, thanks to JB, to at least be more wary from now on.

Like now there's a little part of me that'll watch more closely and see whether or not I need to directly make it clear that I have a special someone in my life and I do not want to do anything that can harm us.

I guess I just want to end this post by saying a huge thank you to JB for handling the situation amazingly, for reassuring me that I can communicate transparently with you, for being so understanding and patient enough to explain things to me.

I love our teamwork so far xx

Good night.

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