A slow mind (#134)

Day highlights:

  • Bought myself some rackets.
  • Went to go get my manly area cleaned up.
  • Cleaned the house a bit.
  • Went to Mr. Green's birthday party (I was able to remember everyone's name !)
  • Lucky to be able to spend another night with JB.

Grateful section:

  • I am grateful that JB is willing to work with me to find time to see each other as much as possible in our busy schedules.

Thought of the day:

I recently noticed that my mind has not been as sharp as it did before.

My thoughts seem foggy and I even have a hard time thinking about my own thoughts.

It's weird and I have no idea why this is happening, but I do not like it at all.

Injured body, slow mind.

Recipe for a great depression this upcoming winter.

I need to change these.

Good night.

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