All I need is your company (#019)

Short post about realizing that who I'm with > what I'm doing with them.

Day events:

  • Just arrived in NYC.
  • Ate some bomb ass chinese food (pork over rice, steamed dumplings, bubble tea).
  • Walked around NYC with mister PDS.
  • Had a looong late night conversation about life and stuff.

Thought of the day:

Holyshit. It's literally 3:25am, I'm tired as shit (common theme lately) and we're not even done talking yet.

Let's get this over with.

Today, I realized something awesome about myself.

It's that I can literally do anything or I don't mind doing something as long as I am in good company.

Mister PDS and I were literally just wondering around and he kept proposing different activities and asking me what I'd want to do. The only thing that was on my mind was literally "I don't care", not because I'm boring, but simply because I knew that whatever we were doing "together", I'd be enjoying it.

I understand that this has it's limitations. For example, when we genuinely can't decide what to do, it's very difficult for me to have an opinion / be the tie-breaker since I really don't mind.

I guess it's something I have to work on. Albeit, given the fact that I generally don't like picking options, I think it might be a trait I'll live with my whole life.

On the brighter side though, I found this to be awesome because it means that I prioritize who I spent time with over what I'm doing (the only exceptions being when I play badminton and other activities that I'm fully committed to).

Alright that's it.

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