An example of killer mindset (#102)

Day highlights:

  • Continued learning the dance for the wedding.
  • Had a brief work meeting with Coco for the server thing.
  • Gym-ed at Econo Rosemont (I liked the energy in the gym).
  • Supper for JB's sister with her fam at Jack Astor's (thank you again for inviting me and OMG thank you to the parents who paid).

The grateful section:

  1. Grateful to have been able to continue me and JB's streak today even though the odds were against us.

Thought of the day:

It's crazy because ever since I met JB, I've been having some examples of answers to questions or situations that I've always wondered about, but never experienced.

One of these is: what does it feel like when you meet the right person.

I never really knew and always wondered if it wasn't a feeling, but more of slowly "accepting" that "yeah, this is the right person". I was wrong.

It's a goddamn feeling that hits you like a truck straight in the whole body and tells you "THIS IS THE RIGHT PERSON".

Okay, but this isn't the question I want to address today.

The question I always wondered about was how it felt to be committed to something like truly truly committed to wanting something or an outcome and doing everything possible to achieve it.

To put a bit of context on this, ever since I started thinking of business ideas and all that jazz, I was never able to fully commit to something for a long period of time.

I always wondered if I wasn't able to fully commit because I haven't found "my thing" yet or simply because I was a non-committal person in general.

Well, today I was able to get a taste of that "I will do whatever it takes to get the outcome I want" feeling.

Let me explain.

The original plan was for me and JB to meet up at the same gym in order to workout "together" (more like in the same space, but focusing on our shit cuz that's how we roll) and then we'd head over to supper for her sister's birthday.

I was about 10 minutes into my itinerary when I heard an announcement in the metro saying that the metro is temporary out of service and will resume 30 minutes later.

Great, I told myself. Not only was it pouring (and when I say pouring, I mean POURING) rain outside and I was all wet, but now the freaking metro is delayed.

No problem, I adjusted the plan immediately.

JB called me, I updated her, no problem, the plan was a bit delayed but we were still on track.

And then, after about 20 minutes, there's another announcement, this time they said that the metro is going to be delayed by an extra 50 minutes.

What. the. fuck.

I was like "screw this, let me get out of the metro and find another way to get there".

I first tried maybe asking strangers who were Uber-ing or taxi-ing to split the fare with them, but could find none that were going as far as me.

Then, I thought about taking the bus in order to get to a further metro station and then taking an uber/taxi.

Problem was, everyone else wanted to take the bus because no fucking shit, it was still raining hard at that time.

At that point, I knew that gymming with JB would be impossible so I switched up my plan.

My focus was no longer us gymming together, but rather us being able to have a decent gym session and then seeing each other for supper.

My mind started working its gears and I found a pretty good solution. She would gym where she was already at and then I would gym somewhere near where I was and by the time I was done, the metro would resume its normal service and I'd be able to meet her to the meetup spot.

Little hiccup though, there were no gyms super close. There was one close, but I still had to get there.

No bus. No taxi in sight (and most of them had passengers already). I thought about Bixi-ing, but it was raining so what did I do? I just started walking and hoping that I'd catch a bus or an empty cab or that it would stop raining and I could Bixi.

Turns out, I just freaking walked the whole way.

Had a quick, but effective workout at the gym, was able to shower and put on damp clothes and got there on time, at the right pickup spot and at the right time.

All was fucking good. I had made it.

And you know why?

Because the whole time that all this shit was going on, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to see JB today and attend that supper.

There was no alternate universe where it happened. It simply wasn't an option for me so the only way to go was forward.

So my mind simply thought of solution after solution after solution.

I think normal people would have seen the rain and said fuck that, or after the first metro interruption fuck that or after the second one fuck that or after getting off the metro fuck that.

But for me? All I could think of was "how can I make this work?"

And that's what I fucking did.

It's funny because I've watched a lot of "motivational" videos of people talking about this exact feeling, but for business and other "entrepreneurial" ideas and I never ever understood it.

Up until today.

I now know the power of having a mindset that says "there is no way that I am not getting the outcome that I want".

So yeah, that's today's story. Can't wait to see if I can apply this to other things hahahah.

Good night.

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