Another year of living (#118)

Day highlights:

  • Opened a few presents (thank you broski and Mr. NYC)
  • Went to the office to "celebrate" my birthday.
  • Introduced JB to the team and gave her a tour of the office.
  • Ate at Restaurant Le 409 (3.9/5, good food but better indian elsewhere).
  • Final practice with Mr. Brrro.
  • Got surprised by Mr. PDS and JB when I got home (ate cake).
  • Spent some time with JB.

Thought of the day:

First of all, let me say how grateful I am to have live yet another year. Thank you God.

Second of all, I want to give a personal shoutout to JB for organizing this wonderful birthday day as well as Mr. PDS for showing up despite his dental situation !! Yall are real ones !

As mentioned above, today was a wonderful day that got me thinking about what I wanted out of life.

Yes, being successful and everything is real good, but I think I also want to be able to enjoy the moments.

I had the opportunity to play singles with someone who was in the Top 15 in the world and I did not take the opportunity because I wanted to shower instead... How lame is that.

This is a small example but what if a more exciting opportunity or situation comes along and I'll be too busy "trying to build my life"? Isn't that a contradiction in itself?

We all work hard in order to have freedom, but would pass on things we care about in order to get to a point where we can enjoy those same things.

It doesn't make sense to me.

I hope to find a good balance eventually.

Good night.

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