Baby steps only (#169)

Day highlights:

  • Spent the day with JB.
  • Finished all my todo list despite not wanting to do my exercises.
  • Played bowling with the church people (I got second place.....).
  • Starting to feel something weird in my throat...

Thought of the day:

Baby steps are the way to go.

For some reason, I started thinking about the long game and I was getting lost in all my thoughts.

I didn't know where everything was leading to and it was scary.

I came to the conclusion today that it's better to just think about the next baby step.

I think it's impossible to predict what's going to happen in the next year let alone 2-3 years so even though it's possible to make a broad plan of what you want, things constantly change.

Imagine trying to make a plan in March 2019? You would have been in for a big surprise.

I'll just focus on the thing I want to do next RIGHT NOW.

And hope that it'll lead somewhere.

Good night.

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