Back on my search (#086)

Day events:

  • Spent the whole day with JB xx
  • Little unexpected trip to a "random" mini asian food festival.

The grateful section:

  1. Grateful for all the little kind things JB does.
  2. Grateful for unplanned events that create little memories.
  3. Grateful for our newly added mirror (already more useful than when it was at my mom's house).

Thought of the day:

As I'm slowly starting to feel like my normal self again (hopefully) and that there's one big less thing to worry about, I guess my thoughts have turned back again to my life plans.

JB's going to be very busy this next year focusing on her goals and I cannot be more excited for her.

On my side, I wish I already had some type of goal or things to focus on, but as I've been saying this whole time, I simply don't know.

In some ways, it's not a bad thing, it means that I have an open book in front of me and it's my opportunity to write whatever I want in it.

JB got me a tshirt that says "experimental success" on it (I don't think I thanked you enough for the little gifts, but thank you thank you thank you, I love the tshirt and the totes xx) and there was something that attracted me about the word "experimental".

I remember a few years back coming up with the "Scientific method" of living life where one sees everything as an experiment.

You set your hypothesis, you make the experiment and then you evaluate the outcome.

What I liked most about it is that there was no notion of failure in this way of living life.

Your hypothesis could be wrong, but the experiment itself was not a failure because the validating or invalidating the hypothesis was the primary goal of it meaning that the only way of truly failing was simply not doing the experiment.

It would go something like this.

Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that I like podcasting and would like doing it.

Experiment: In order to validate my hypothesis, I will make 8 podcast episodes because that's sufficient to know whether I like it or not.

Results: At the end of the 8, I'd either find out that I do indeed like podcast or that I do not. No matter the results, it would be a victory for me.

I might get back to this mentality, I think it fits well with my curious mind and my way of approaching things.

The only little hiccup is that, for some reason, I always found it more attractive to  pick one thing and go at it with everything you have.

I guess I'm overthinking things though.

Doing multiple experiments before committing could be a good way to know what exactly to commit to.

Good night.

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