Badminton, recovery & Mondays suck (#149)

Day highlights:

  • Finished up the tournament (overall, it wasn't bad. I liked my doubles performance. Maybe I should consider contacts to see better on court).
  • Really fun time troll-talking while we were watching the finals.
  • Had the best adult nap with JB, much needed after an exhausting weekend. (I also enjoyed my whole weekend with JB, I love her so much xx)
  • Had an excellent bowl of pho at my mom's place. (She's really starting to master the broth, once she gets the noodles right... MIAM MIAM MIAM).
  • Brain-dead twitter scrolling to end the night and wind down.

Thought of the day:

I have multiple thoughts today.

The first:

After a tournament, I always find new motivation to train harder and improve myself in badminton.

I am glad I got the opportunity of connecting with NR about potentially joining UdeM practices as I've been wondering what to do about training for a while now.

I'm looking forward to training and getting better again.

The second:

My initial plan was that Ste-Therese was going to be my last tournament this year as I wanted to take the time to REALLY heal my body properly.

I wanted to take 6 months off to solely concentrate on getting my body back to 100%.

Weirdly though, this tournament, my body did not have any problems. Even right now, after the tournament, my body feels fine. It might be because I did not play many singles matches or it might also be because I've been foam rolling and not playing much recently.

Whatever it is, it got me thinking that maybe there's a way of recovering and training.

The third:

This one is totally unrelated to badminton.

I'm pretty sad that I'm sad about Monday mornings.

It profoundly sucks that I've had a really good weekend. Positive in energy. Feels like I have renewed energy and am ready to tackle some cool things.

Only to realize I'm going back to a job that's unmotivating and honestly is not interesting to me.

I know I'm supposed to have faith in God and just do my work as diligently as possible, but

I wish I was doing something that energized me instead of draining me.

Money is a problem though... If not, I might have considered a gap year.

Good night.

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