Bias to action, mental health and inspiration (#121)

Day highlights:

  • Overall, productive day af.
  • Got some chores done this morning.
  • Headed to the gym for an upper body workout with JB.
  • Attended Ms. CBA's formal event (she showed a raw cut of the first episode and it's fuuuuucking aweeeeesome, CANNOT wait for the whole thing).
  • A convo between me, JB and God.

Thought of the day:


This morning, while folding the clothes, I was listen to an episode of My First Million (my favorite podcast) and they were talking about having a bias for action.

They said that a lot of people tend to plan things first and then get into it, but a lot of time, the planning is just, and I quote, "self-masturbation into thinking you actually did something".

There was this great example about the difference between romans and greeks, where the greeks were a lot more analytical and far superior in terms of scholarly achievements than the romans, yet, the romans are the ones who were able to build the best bridges and roads. Why?

Because while the greeks were constantly theorizing about what's the best formula to build a bridge and stuff, the romans simply built an initial thing and then when it failed, they built another one and another one and another one. So much that they are now known as the better builders.

Thought it was interesting and a good reminder that doing imperfectly is (most of the time) better.


I was listening to the podcast by Jay Shetty with his guest Dr. Daniel Amen (pretty funny that he has this last name and he's christian) where they talked extensively about mental health and how achieve good mental health was a daily practice. Do bad things for your brain and you'll have bad mental health. Do good things for your brain and you'll have good mental health.

He said that most of us actually know what's good and bad so the knowledge is very simple; the hardest part is actually making those daily decisions to always pick the right choice every. single. time.

Exercise, eating healthy, sleep. Top 3 things apparently.


Attending Ms. CBA's event was absolutely inspiring and really reminded how much you can achieve in the span of 5 years if you are focused, determined and never give up.

I'm more than confident, I'm like sure sure that she'll be very successful (if not already) in the near future and she deserves every bit of it.

She worked her ass off (and her team) to get to here and it's going to be amazing seeing her become an "overnight success" when it was actually 6+ years in the making.

What's insane is that she did it in hermit mode (keeping it a secret) for 6 years.

I don't think I'll be able to follow in her steps nor would I want to; however, it

definitely inspired me to try and think about building something longterm as well.

Good night.

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