Bodyweight transfer unlocked (#124)

Day highlights:

  • I was able to wake up later than usual.
  • I was able to spend the whole day with JB.
  • Meeting with Mrs. Indo for most of the work day.
  • Being two potatoes in bed.
  • Reassurance from JB.
  • Upper body gym session + badminton games (discovered how to transfer my bodyweight !! Need to practice it more).
  • A meaningful conversation about feeling safe.
  • Episode 1 of cyberpunkk (after watching episode 5 with JB during our lunch break).

Thought of the day:

Overall, today was a good day.

One thing I learned is how to transfer my weight properly in badminton.

It makes such a difference.

The key for me was really to remember that before hitting the shuttle, my body needs to be pointing the wall, not the net.

Once I remembered that, they only way to hit the shuttle properly was to rotate my body and by starting the rotation from the hip, everything else is able to naturally follow.

I definitely need to practice it more in a "game" setting, but I'm glad for this small breakthrough.

It just goes to show that even after 10+ years of playing, I can always learn basic things that'll help my game improve exponentially.

I really love badminton.

Good night.

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