Career and badminton thinking subjects (#042)

2 thinking subjects that have been on my mind lately (one badminton oriented and one career oriented).

Day events:

  • Regular work day (ever since I started thinking about my career again, I've been finding work more and more boring lol).
  • Cooked Gai Lan for the first time (discovered that sugar is actually really important in sauces even for salty ones because it acts as a balancing agent).
  • Played badminton (I did not play much, but I did feel like I'm getting more and more comfortable with my zf2 and it's awesome).
  • Went to eat out with the badminton crew (a lot of gossip during these suppers... don't really like this).

Thought of the day:

Okay, it's 2:38am now and I'm about to pass the fuck out.

I can't wait to wake up without an alarm tomorrow.

I don't really have any concrete thought of the day today.

Mainly because I'm doing a lot of thinking, but on different subjects.

The first one is what to prioritize in badminton: singles vs doubles (and mixte).

In regards to this subject, I've always been a singles player. Mainly because I didn't have a regular partner and I simply didn't know how to play doubles all that well.

Because of this, I think I have a bias of choosing singles all the time since it's what I'm used to doing.

By now, I've had something like 12 years of singles experience.

Whereas doubles. I think this year is the first first year that I was able to "focus" on doubles (more like forced to focus on doubles) and I really enjoyed it.

Obviously being good at singles is fun and I do think my singles somehow improved this year, but it does not compare to winning with a partner.

There's just something more exciting about playing and winning as a team (or pair in this case) vs doing it alone.

The only problem is that now that I'm going up to A, it'll be hard for me to find a good, stable partner that I can play/train with.

So that's one of my thinking subjects as of late.

The second one is a bit shorter. It has to do with my career (again).

I guess I have a better understanding of what type of environment I want to work in and the type of projects I want to be involved in (dope).

The one thing, which is the main thing, that I'm missing is what will I be doing.

Do I want to be a product manager?

Do I want to be a founder?

Do I want to be a role that doesn't even have a name?

Do I even want to have A role or would I rather be a floating piece?

It's a bit frustrating because I feel like I'm pretty close to finding some type of answer, but also yet so far.

There's like 2-3 pieces missing to complete the puzzle, but they're the biggest and most crucial ones.

What am I good at (and how to translate this into a "role")?


What do I like doing?

I guess it resembles a bit the concept of Ikigai (read up on it if you want), but with less pieces because I've already figured out some of them and the other ones I don't care for.

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