Congrats to the newly weds (#120)

Day highlights:

  • Morning Costco run with broski.
  • Much needed heavenly nap.
  • Went to get my suit with JB.
  • JB helped me prep for the wedding (suit, shirt, shoes, socks, etc.).
  • Attended the wedding (it was suuuuuper fun; dancing and singing all night long was a blast).

Thought of the day:

I really don't have much to say today.

This morning, I realized that recovery is such an important factor of fitness (stretching, fascia massages and sleep), I cannot continue to neglect it while pushing my body harder and harder every day.

I then attended the wedding and spent pretty much all night, eating, dancing and singing. There aren't a lot of deep thoughts that happen when I'm doing that haha.

All I will say was that I enjoyed myself and realized how important music and moving my body (not sure if I can call what I was doing "dancing" hahaha) are in my life. It made me feel happy.

I guess being surrounded by friends also really helped.

It was a fun, enjoyable night and I hope the newly weds also had a lot of fun (even though one of them was super gone, donezo, dying, but at the same time, it's their wedding so why not haha).

I wish them a long and lovely marriage !

Good night.

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