Doing things and disregarding any future benefits (#087)

Day highlights:

  • Little visit from JB who brought me bbt and a sweet little bun !!
  • Physio made me realize that I should take better care of my body (more warmup, more foam roller, more blood circulating exercises – swimming perhaps?).
  • Switched up my usual core workout for an impromptu plyo session with the boysss (I should switch up my workouts more often).

Thought of the day:

Today, I learned something new about myself.

I learned that I actually know what I want.

I  always thought I did not know what I wanted.

Turns out I do.

Except, there's also a hyper rational part of me that starts asking too many questions when the things I want do not make any sense (for now).

I feel like at my current age, I'm supposed to start preparing for my 30s and really "build" something out of myself, which is why I'm searching for a skill to build or something to build for myself that'll benefit me in the future.

However, all the things I really want to do right now, to me, don't have any "long-term" benefits.

On the flip-side though, I also know that a lot of people build things by following their curiosity and just doing what they wanted without thinking about if it'll have any "long-term benefits".

They just did it because they liked it and something came out of it.

There's also survivor bias at play here though because I'm sure there are millions of people who followed what they wanted and it didn't amount to anything.

But I guess it doesn't matter because it's something they liked and wanted to do?

Aka, the joy itself was the doing, not what came out of it.

I will have to think more about this during the next few days.

Good night.

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