Excited about where all this might lead to (#115)

Day highlights:

  • Debug session at work in a tired state.
  • Fun talk with my manager.
  • Talk with the lady from Malepart (exciting !!).
  • Footwork session (footwork is so amazing, I love it).
  • Lower body gym session (can't wait to start my new program because I'm doing n'importe quoi at the gym right now).

The grateful section:

  1. I'm so grateful for God's kindness and clutchness in life. He's amazing.

Thought of the day:

The timing of everything was so perfect today.

I had my call with the lady for the possible new badminton club that I'll be running.

They are pretty desperate to have someone responsible for the club so I'm pretty sure we have a good chance of getting it.

And when I say we, I mean myself and Mr. WHAAAAT.

Yes !

He'll be coaching and I'll be managing (hopefully).

It's exactly the outcome I wanted, which is why I'm so grateful to God.

It was exactly what Mr. WHAAAAT was looking for also.

As soon as I finished my call with the lady, I asked Mr. WHAAAT if he'd want to coach on Tuesdays and Thursdays and he was like "Yes, I might lose my job in a month so it'll definitely be good extra income" AND on top of that, he said "But I only want to coach on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I don't want to play."

Which is perfect with me because I never wanted to coach in the first place, I only wanted to manage the club. I actually only wanted to train during those 3 hours so everything is perfect.

Tomorrow, we'll be meeting with the lady to go over the details and I'm hoping she'll let me start a real club club with Mr. WHAAAT as our primary coach and me as an "assistant" / manager.

I'm very excited, I have no idea where all this will lead me, but I feel like ever since I've leaned away from what I think I loved (software and all these grindy entrepreneur things) to what I actually love (sports, badminton, fitness, etc.), life has flowed so much easier.

There's still a part of me who's interested in owning a business and I have the feeling that it'll be related to fitness because I love this space so effortlessly.

I never have to force myself to go to the gym or watch youtube videos on exercises or on nutrition.

It's things I do naturally.

I don't know if the business is going to be a badminton club or a fitness facility or a gym or a nutrition brand or supplement or clothing brand or all of the above together, but I know something's going to happen.

Somehow, I think this new badminton club is a small part on the right track.

And it got me excited.

Good night.

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