Factors to check if getting sick often (#170)

Day highlights:

  • Had brunch with Mr. PDS where we talked about PDS-ing at the workplace haha.
  • I'm sick so I didn't do much today.
  • Ate at my mom's place with brother + fiancee.
  • Did nothing when I got back, will be sleeping early.

Thought of the day:

I woke up sick this morning and I immediately wanted to google why I've been getting sick more often.

I read that it boils down to 3 variables if not for an illness or sickness:

1) Sleep quantity + quality.

2) Diet.

3) Environment.

Sleep quantity is fairly easy to track; however, quality is harder. I believe if we sleep 8 hours a day for more than a week straight and still feel tired when waking up, I think it's good to start investigating sleep quality.

Diet encompasses stuff like lacking vitamins. If you lack certain vitamins, it might affect your health. A good way to make sure that you have a minimum amount of vitamins is to sleeping take a multivitamin pill. Most of the excess vitamin will get flushed out of your system, but, in case you lack some of the basics, the pill will definitely help.

Finally, environment. Is the bed comfortable? Is the air fresh? Is the air humid/dry? Is there mold anywhere? This is most likely the hardest one to diagnose unless you have some kind of tool. If you're getting good/enough sleep, are eating a healthy, balanced diet, then maybe environment is a good one to check.

That's it, I'm starting my diagnosis with sleep.

Good night.

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