Feeling meh about writing every day (#117)

Day highlights:

  • Had a really fun team "upgrade" session where we drew a bunch of funny, but accurate graphs about the team.
  • Bought a parting gift from me and Mr. FS to Coach Brrro (I'm happy of the choices I made with the cap).
  • First gym session of the new program (Upper body program resembled my previous one a lot. Can be longer though).
  • "Surprise" birthday supper with a few of the peeps (Thank you Ms. Celebrité for organizing).
  • JB and I went to the arcade just like at her birthday !
  • Cutest and really nicely crafted birthday card from JB (*sad eyes emoji*)

Thought of the day:

As I start doing more, I realize I have less mental space and time to think about what to write about.

I used to think I could write forever because I could think forever, but when I'm busy actually doing things, I don't think as much.

Obviously, I like learning and I can write about the things I learn. I'm just not sure this is the right platform to do it on.

I might stop writing every day.

On days like today, I feel like I'm simply writing to write and I don't like it.

Good night.

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