First day of finishing all the tasks I gave myself (#059)

I had a small victory today and felt like writing about it to celebrate myself.

Day events:

  • Went to drop off my brother's car at the garage (and biked back).
  • Finished my tasks at work.
  • I was able to tell my manager the way I wanted to work (a single focus / project at a time) and he agreed.
  • Inspection report came back for the car and holycrap, car repairs are expensive af.
  • Proceeded to then potentially look at buying myself a used car (the broski will take his car with him so I'll be car-less for 6 months...).
  • Thought of maybe getting myself a manual one (I think it's a good opportunity to learn, but it's too far out, useless to think about this now).
  • Had a good gym session (lower body, I love squatting, there's something about push heavy weights that's just satisfying).
  • Fun little chats about very random things with JB haha.
  • Posted a story that said "[...] treat yourself as you would treat your best friend."
  • Wrote a summary about my call with Trinh (and how data is very useful and underused).

Thought of the day:

Wow. That was a pretty long "Day events" section. I could have omitted things here and there, but each of one them had it's purpose in making today a good day. So that's why I expanded everything. Anyway.

I originally wanted to write my summary with Trinh as my post of the day, but I decided against it. I still wrote it though, just not on my blog.

The reason for that is because I wanted to use my post of the day to celebrate something great that I did today.

This morning, after dropping off my brother's car at the garage, I came back, I opened a to-do list app and wrote down 4 things that I wanted.... no, that I HAD to do today.

And guess what?

I fucking completed them all.

Fuck yeah ! hahaha.

It feels a bit ridiculous writing this to myself, but that's probably what I would write to a friend who would have told me this.

I think it's the first time in years that this has happened.

This is only day one of practicing & applying my new mentality.

A small victory in the grand scheme of things, but it might also be the start of something major.

It's pretty funny though.

I remember very vividly watching an Impact Theory video where the host, Tom Bilyeu, is doing a Q&A session with people from his company (Impact Theory) and one guy has my exact problem.

He says that no matter what, he can never accomplish what he set out to do. He tried and tried and tried, but can't seem to change himself.

The one advice that Tom gives is to become what I'm trying to become. A man of his words. And he even tells the employee to start really really small. A lot of time people try to change themselves and start by big difficult things and because it's so hard, they eventually don't follow through and fall back into the same pattern. Tom then continues to give an example of push ups. He's like if you wanna get better at push ups, start by doing 1 per day. That's it. Not 100, not 50, not 20, not 5, just 1. But make sure that every day for the amount of days you said you were going to do them, that you do them. There is no universe in which you not doing 1 push up exists.

After watching that video, I was blown away. I was able to understand exactly what he was saying, but somehow it never really clicked in my head. My mind hadn't shifted yet.

And it's only I-don't-know-how-many years later, that my mind has shifted a bit and I'm now able to think back on that video and think to myself "ohhh, that's what he was talking about."

I'm starting to realize that maybe, at the moment, I don't have 1 career path that I want to do.

I don't have one calling, I might never have one single calling or maybe it simply isn't my time to have one yet.

However, one thing's for sure: This mentality and attitude that I'm practicing right now, one where the ultimate form is literally a super power (doing whatever I say I'm going to do? I'm my own fucking genie from Aladdin hahah) is definitely going to help me in the future for whatever God has in store for me.

So I'm going to work on this shit.

Additional note:

I also noticed that I was pretty happy today like after completing everything I told myself I was going to do. Maybe happiness is simply doing whatever you want to do or being able to do it.

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