Getting back on track (#033)

Following my guts worked pretty well recently, should I try it for my career too?

Day events:

  • Fun morning breakfast with JB.
  • Probably last day together before JB leaves.
  • One Last Time.
  • Actually got some important work done today.
  • Badminton training with CST (it was fun to suffer during the multi-birds, this coach is a fucking feeding machine !).
  • Prepared supper (gotta get used to this one) and did a bit of apartment maintenance.

Thought of the day:

If these past few weeks have taught me anything, it's to follow my intuition more.

I don't know if I actually know something or if higher powers are at work, but all I know is that only good things have come from following my guts and not overthinking anything.

Side note: I was trying to listen to Usher's Tiny Desk while writing my blog, but that shit is just too good and it distracted me. Go check it out if you like Usher.

Now that I've settled in a little bit in the new apartment and started getting a little bit used to not living with my mom, my mind started wondering to the same place it always wonders to: my career.

It's actually funny when I think about it, but my life always seem to be plagued by the same freaking problem. It's kinda annoying, but at the same time, one of my goals is to be happy and I guess a typical career that makes up more than 30% of my time is something I should think a lot about.

In the past, I've always tried to logic my way through my career options. I'd take a career and simply think about what I like and dislike about it. Once all that was done, I had a pretty good understanding of whether or not I wanted to do that as a career. At least, I thought I did... in theory.

And that's the problem. Theory doesn't always reflect reality because the reality is that I'm super good at convincing myself of things or justifying them in my head.

That's why, this time, I wanted to try a different approach. One that has been working very well for me lately and that is to follow my intuition.

Ignore everything and clear my mind.

Obviously, I'll have to think about it first, but the important part is to not think about it too deeply. I'm 1000% (yes, thousand. Not hundred, thousand) sure that the moment I start thinking about all these little obstacles, what other people think, how I'm going to get there, how long it'll take, what I'm getting in return, etc. I'll start having doubts and derail the whole process.

I am obviously WAY WAY WAY too tired right now to even start thinking about this, but I guarantee you that in the next few days, I will have a post on the question "If I could have any job in the world right now, no questions asked, what would it be".

I was lucky enough to get a taste of what happiness looks like this past week and I'm going to build on this momentum to try and get my life back on track.

Wish me luck !

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