How much do we really need to be happy (#028)

Short post in my sleep deprived state about being happy with not much.

Day events:

  • Brunch for VT's birthday.
  • Lots of new memories and happy times.
  • Ate supper at home with my mom.
  • Showed her a tour of the apartment (mama approved).
  • Getting more comfortable.

Thought of the day:

If I've learned anything these past few days is that it doesn't take much to be happy.

Or actually, when you find something that truly makes you happy, nothing else matters.

I used to think that all these little things needed to add up to make me happy, but I was wrong.

By little things, I mean that every section of my life needed to be in a "happy" state in order for myself as a whole to be happy.

This actually made me rethink the meaning of life a little. Or what would be the definition of a good life.

I certainly wasn't doing much per say.

I wasn't working on my purpose, I wasn't living a lavish life, I wasn't aiming for anything. I was simply living and enjoying the moment.

This isn't to say that I'll drop everything I was doing or want to do in order to live this kind of lifestyle. Not at all. In fact, I'm looking forward to finding back a routine that'll feed into a virtuous circle.

But, these past days really helped me take a step back and ask myself "how much do I really need to be happy?"

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