I love the process of badminton (#105)

Day highlights:

  • Cooked pasta for JB & Mr. FS.
  • Played in my first ABC tournament in A (I played well, I'm happy).

Thought of the day:

I love playing tournaments because they're always a reminder of why I continued playing badminton all these years.

I love competition and when I lose, it always gets me fired up to train harder and become better.

At some point, I remember wanting to retire after getting to A because I thought A would be way too hard and I'd have to train way too much in order to compete well, but I realized that I don't care about that anymore.

Badminton is definitely something I can say that I thoroughly enjoy the process of doing so even if A is indeed harder, I just want to continue training and becoming better and better and better.

Badminton is so fun and I can't wait to become better.

I want to take inspiration from Nick Bare (funnily enough, we have similar names) and do what he did with running, but apply it to badminton.

He started the "trend" of being a Hybrid Athlete, someone who can run marathons, but also be fucking jacked even though everyone said that it wasn't good or wasn't possible.

It's the same in badminton and because I want both, I'll make sure to make it possible.

Good night.

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