I need to start off fast (#147)

Day highlights:

  • Had a nice final call with the workers from Medallia (thank you Stan).
  • Watched a bit of badminton to get inspired for this weekend.
  • Ate hot pot at JB's place + sleeping over.
  • Sleep early because it's tournament time tomorrow !!

Thought of the day:

Tomorrow, even before the match begins, I want to be focused and in the zone.

I've always been a super slow starter during tournaments.

My first round is always shaky and that's because I'm never mentally ready to go to war. To push my body to its limits.

To be perfectly honest, I usually start my games thinking about what other people might think of me while I play.

But once the game starts and I'm being pushed into a corner, that's when my mind goes blank and I start really really playing.

This is a strategy that used to work in C and in B.

In A though, it no longer works. When every match I play is a hard one, there's no time to let myself get pushed into a corner.

As soon as the match starts, I'm already in the corner and I need to fight my way out.

I need to do my best from the get-go.

There are no more free passes.


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