I'm a lazy f*ck (#157)

Day highlights:

  • Watched Boku no Hero all day.
  • Started a new gym program (jump program).
  • Played some good badminton (I realized I play better when I feel like I have to carry someone).

Thought of the day:

I did absolutely nothing today.

And I hate myself for it.

I also hate myself for hating myself about not doing anything.

Why can't I just do nothing in peace?

Nope, I gotta feel bad about it.

But guess what? I don't feel bad enough that I'll actually do something about it.

So yeah, today I admitted to myself that I'm lazy as f*ck and undisciplined.

I wrote down the 7 things I constantly think about doing yet I didn't feel like doing any of them today.

It's great though because now I know that I have to concentrate on learning discipline.

Motivation is fake, discipline is real.

Good night.

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