I'm as soft as tofu (#166)

Day highlights:

  • Completed almost all my todos
  • Finished Vue tutorial
  • Badminton + gym

Thought of the day:

I'm sorry, I'm going on a rant.

We've become weak as hell as a society.

I know I have and I don't necessarily want to generalize, but, from my observations, we have.

There was a time where the majority of workers would wake up at 7am, do their commute, work in a factory, doing physical labor for like 8-9 hours per day, do their commute back, good supper or take care of their family, go to sleep and then start over the next day.

Now, the majority of us, we wake up past 9am, go to our "offices", which is 10 steps away from our bed, work a maximum of 5 hours (and I'm probably being generous here), finish our days at 4-4:30, have our meals delivered or precooked, spend hours lazying around watching netflix, youtube or scrolling social media and then wake up the next day "feeling tired".

I'm exaggerating, but just barely.

I've also realized that we've become more sensitive. To everything. When I was younger, we'd used to hurl insults at each other and we'd simply hurl an insult back, no one was really in their feelings. When someone said "fuck you", we'd say "fuck you too" and that was the end of it. Now, even if we're trying to say something nice, constructive to someone, we need to do mental acrobatics to find the perfect way of saying it in case we somehow end up hurting that person's feeling and "getting canceled".

I don't even know where I'm going with this. I just realized that I've become weak as hell. Not in the sense of being compassionate and nice and all that. I think society did a decent job at pushing us to be kinder, wiser, more compassionate (especially men), but at some point, I think we missed the mark and became soy-people.

Soft as tofu.

I've become so used to constantly constantly being comfortable and plush that at the first sign of difficulty or being uncomfortable, it starts affecting my mental state. I start complaining and whining. Make me wake up at 7am during the weekday and suddenly, I feel too tired and blah blah blah. Did you know Nijahusa, that in cegep and university, there were multiple days where you had to wake up at 6am? And sometimes 5am (very rarely)?

Sure, I might have felt tired, but I wasn't even complaining about it. It was just an event of life. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it's sunny, sometimes it snows. Sometimes I woke up at 9, sometimes I woke up at 6.

I've been comfortable for far too long and my body and mind have become used to it.

Now, the real question is what am I going to do about it?

I don't really know. I'd have to brainstorm about this.

One idea is definitely to stop working from home every single day. Going to the office or even finding a co-working space is definitely on my mind.

I would definitely want to expand more on this idea. I have a good subject, but my text did not get constructed properly.

I also want to note that I can understand why guys like to follow David Goggins, Andrew Tate (& his irrelevant brother) and guys like them. I don't agree with everything they say; however, they're good at selling themselves as "no-bullshit" people and I think society needs a bit more of this attitude.

I kinda wish someone would call me on my bullshit at work hahaha.

Anyway, more thoughts on this another time.

Good night.

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