I'm feeling good (#159)

Day highlights:

  • Woke up feeling well rested.
  • Started a Udemy course to learn more about AWS (to eventually do a certification - also, felt really good to learn things).
  • Surprised myself by looking back at how I applied for SSENSE (sounds really egotistical, but I was really impressed by what past me did lol, my coworkers were also really impressed).
  • Gym session (really liking this new program, it seems to help my legs during badminton).
  • Badminton session (I've been playing really well lately, it's fun not to struggle with my body).

Thought of the day:

It seems like things are about to change in a good way.

I've been feeling good and I seemed to have found more clarity in my next steps.

I believe sleep played a big role in this. Indeed, I've been sleeping about 8-8.5hrs every day and it's been a game changer.

Exercising regular also really helps. Especially when my body isn't dying on me and I'm playing well. It boosts my confidence. I really like playing like Loh Kean Yew today (technique wise). I have to find a way to remember how I played today.

Something I realized today is that a lot of my indecisiveness was disguised low confidence. I never wanted to make a decision because I wasn't sure if the outcome was the right one and also because I was afraid of failing if I stick to my decision and it doesn't pan out.

Can't fail if I never decide right?

Once I became aware of this, it became a lot easier for me to forge a path that I want to pursue.

So yes, your boy now has more clarity as to what he wants to do next ! Look at that ! Thank you God for helping me with this.

The new motto after setting my path is: Dream big, execute bigger.

I will probably write more on this another time, but the short version is that society, the self-help community and even the entrepreneurial community always puts a big emphasis on vision, goals and dreams, but today, I told myself that the MOST important is the execution.

Learn how to execute first, then all you need to do is help pointing in the right direction.

Good night.

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