Is my brain stimulated? (#139)

Day highlights:

  • Went on a walk malgré the rain.
  • Finished a project I was dragging for 2 weeks now (need to test it tomorrow though).
  • Walked all the way to Post Canada with a big ass box ft. my brother who was also holding boxes.
  • I love the new way I hold my badminton racket. The grip makes it so easy to generate power !! Aka I played badminton today.

Thought of the day:

While I was walking, I thought about what I wanted for my body.

It is very far from its prime in 2016.

I do not feel any explosiveness, I'm constantly sore, I'm constantly tight, I do not feel confident in being able to chase after a bus without getting hurt if I had to.

At only 27, I know that this is not normal. I'm supposed to be in my best years physically or just starting to decline.

One thing's for sure, there are people who are older than me with much better bodies than me and if they can have a good body, why can't I?

My goal with my body is to surpass its former glory so that I can play the best badminton I can or any sport I decide to play (for fun).

That much is clear. My body is a top priority.

While taking my walk though, I began to think, what else makes me happy.

What other components of my individual needs more attention.

One clear answer came to mind and that was... my mind. My brain.

How stimulated was my brain?

Or, in the case of my current work, how unstimulated was it in my day to day?

Were the problems I was solving, problems that I care about? Problems that excite me? Problems that are stimulating to my mind.

The answer to all three of these questions is: No.

I believe one of my ultimate goals is to attain freedom ('Murica).

And, at the moment, I don't think there is better freedom than solving problems I want to solve while getting paid to do it.

It was unfortunately raining today so I had to cut my walk short.

I was not able to think about what would stimulate my brain; however, there is always tomorrow.

Let me ponder on that.

Good day.

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