It's all in the intent (#160)

Day highlights:

  • Somehow managed to spend all day watching Reacher (2022) and even finished it.
  • Badminton practice coaching.
  • Cooked some Shanghai choy... love those !

Thought of the day:

Today during practice, we were doing some regular drill and towards the end of the practice, Mr. WHAAAT and I decided to give a little speech.

The speech was about intention and intensity.

Because you see, when we first started teaching the people at our club, it was new and hard for them. Consequently, they were putting a lot of effort and they were always trying to keep up.

At some point though, their bodies got used to it and the drills because easier, more familiar and with it, a sense of comfort.

They've all made a lot of progress since that first practice in October (or was it September?), but they kind of decided to cruise after a while.

So we reminded them that it's very important to have good intensity and the intention of always wanting to progress during drills.

As for me, it reminded me that I need to also have better intentions in my own personal life.

When I realized that I needed to work on my confidence, discipline and execution [CDE], I had it in my mind, but I was waking up every day with the same intentions as before.

Just wondering through my day, hoping that I'll eventually get CDE.

And just like our students at Malepart, I was wrong.

I don't believe that doing x days challenges is good in the long-term, but I do believe that they're good at starting a habit.

I'll give myself the weekend to think about it and then, next week, I'll start a 30 day challenge with the intention of cultivating CDE.

Good night.

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