Just be interesting (#001)

I started thinking about one-night stands while taking my shower.

I started thinking about one-night stands while taking my shower.

It's not what you think, I was actually wondering what was the point of it.

As a 26 years old, I've heard countless stories of women conquests while growing up and I always assumed it'd be my turn eventually.

This whole time, I've always had one-night stands on the pedestal. How great is the concept of seducing a woman with the only goal of having sex with her and then going your separate ways. No feelings, no strings attached.

Except, when I really think about it, one-night stands just seem pretty silly to me.

This dance of trying to impress a hot person, talking about random shit to "get to know them" when you know that your only goal is to sleep with that person at the end of the night? Loser.

Don't get me wrong, I will 100% have one just to experience it at least once in my life, but after that? I'm not too sure I'd want to.

Instead, something that seems more appealing to me is casual sex. My definition of casual sex is having sex with someone you know without having any love feelings involved (except what is needed to have good sex).

It's not about "hey, that person is hot af, I want to fuck them, then forget them."

It's more about "hey, that person is chill/interesting af, oh, they also happen to attractive, we both have sexual needs, let's satisfy them and then continue to enjoy each other's company."

I have absolutely no idea if this type of relation exists, but I think it's something worth exploring.

It would also help me mentally with "my game" because now my perspective isn't about trying to win over someone. It's about getting to know someone enough to know if they're chill/interesting, develop an actual friendship with them and then see if they might be the person to have casual sex (bonus is that you can probably find out without having to explicitly ask).

If they are not, no problem, you're still interesting, we can still hangout.

If you are, then it's a win-win situation.

I no longer have to "have game", I simply need to be a genuinely interesting person in order to attract other genuinely interesting person.

The focus shifts from them to myself, something a lot more in my control.

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