Just do something and adjust later (#108)

Day highlights:

  • Didn't do jackshit at work today.
  • Spent a lot of time researching my next workout program and just general fitness stuff.
  • Spent some time practicing my badminton swing (finger power !!!).
  • Badminton (I like the finger power thing, I need to continue practicing it. Relax relax and then boom. Snap it).
  • Played 2 mixed games with JB and little moment together xx

Thought of the day:

Every time I start something new, I constantly have to and want to remind myself that iteration is better than perfection.

This one of the most important things I learned from my tech background.

In the world of startups, the people who manage to get their companies going are not those who spent years and years building their startups in secret and then launch it to the public.

The people who succeed start with a small, functional product that people want and then they iterate (meaning slowly modify as they go) on it depending on how the market reacts to their product.

Facebook for example simply started out as a dorm app where (mostly) guys can rate girls in the dorms (think of it as an early version of Tinder) and then as the initial website started to catch attention, they iterated on the product until it became the networking / friends website that it is known for.

Amazon is another example that started out as a giant online bookstore and then they broaden categories until they became the #1 online store in the world.

I want to remind myself to constantly prioritize iterating because I am someone who would want everything to be perfect from the get-go.

But it's practically impossible to get everything right.

I always want the optimal workout program right from the start, but the most realistic way of doing it, for me, is to just start training 4 times a week, and then adjust the program. Add things, remove things, try different workouts with time.

Basically, start somewhere and as you consistently do that thing again, again and again, you'll gain more knowledge and more awareness of your needs. Once you become more knowledgeable, it's easier to adjust according to what you need.

When starting, focus on getting the habit built up by doing something "good enough" first and later, you can focus on perfecting it.

Everything worthwhile in life will take time and the most important factor is not how you start, but how long you stay in the game for.

Good night.

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