Just trust that I can figure it out (#025)

Silly post about my confidence in my ability to figure shit out.

Day events:

  • Had a decently productive day at work.
  • Went to the gym.
  • Open & honest conversation with my mom.
  • Started packing all my boxes.

Thought of the day:

Alright, this is gonna be a short one.

I had a "serious" discussion with my mom today while eating dinner.

It revolved around her being worried about me.

Obviously, she's a mom, she'll always be worried and that's just how it is. I understand.

But I also find it soo funny in some ways because I'm literally not worried at all.

I don't know if I should. Maybe I'm just unaware of how difficult it is to live alone.

Or, I just have the utmost confidence that I'll be able to figure shit out.

And that's been my de-facto attitude lately.

Whatever only involves myself, I always default to "I am not nervous about this because I know I'll figure it out."

It also helps that I somewhat don't mind not living luxuriously.

Like my mom is worried because she's like "oh no, how will Nich find time to cook meals" and in her head, meals are like protein, vegetables, rice, a soup, etc.

And in my head, I'm like... well, if I gotta eat some bread with peanut butter for dinner, that's what I'm gonna eat.

Anyway, this post is so fucking silly. I feel high right now from tiredness.

All this to say, I'm fine mom. Thanks for worrying about me, I'll always appreciate it, but also, I'm good. Everything in life is figure-out-able and I'm a goddamn expert at it.

See, I even created a new word just to explain myself in my blog :)

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