Keeping the streak alive (#088)

Day Highlights:

  • Took a glorious 45 minutes nap on our couch.
  • I got to see my dear JB today even if it was just for a little little bit !
  • Played well at badminton practice despite feeling tired/sick.
  • Nice discussion with Mr. Brrro (coach) at the end of practice.

Thought of the day:

I really miss writing properly.

There's a direct correlation between the quality of my posts and how sick I feel (or so I think, I'd have to recheck if I had any good posts in the last 14 days).

Honestly, tonight I was debating whether or not I should end my streak because, lately, I just feel like I've been writing to keep my streak going more than anything else.

It's not that I dislike writing or anything, it's just that my mind is just focused on getting better and beating this sickness that I don't have any "exciting" or "curious" thoughts.

I even spent 30 minutes today starting blankly at my screen before practice because I wanted to write during the day to give myself more time to write a quality post; however, I couldn't come up with anything.

My mind was just numb.

Obviously, because of this post, you know that I did not end my streak.

The reason why is because I feel like even though I often write trivial things or uninteresting things in the majority of my posts, it keeps a good connection between my mind and writing.

What do I mean by that?

Simply that I feel like if I stop my streak and simply start writing whenever I want to write, I'll eventually lose and/or forget to write my thoughts down (which helps me tremendously).

Now, if I have any cool thoughts during the day or if I want to figure something out, I automatically think "oh, I can write this in my post today", but if I stop the habit of writing every day, I feel like I mind try to think through things instead of writing them down... does that make any sense?

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. Keeping the habit alive by writing these random ass posts until I heal and my mind can begin wondering again.

Good night.

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