Lack of focus. One thing only. (#076)

Day events:

  • Went to the office today (it was really just a chilling day for me haha, I barely worked and I don't feel guilty at all. It's good to bond with the team).
  • I really enjoyed reading in the metro today. (I usually only have a short ride from the apartment to the badminton club / gym so it was nice to have like 20 ish minutes to read).
  • I met our new teammate in person (holyshit, vietnamese guy, 6'1"... ngl, I was jealous af hahaha. I was able to quickly -but not as quick as I would have liked- dismiss my insecurities afterwards).
  • Took a little power nap (clutch naps these past few days).
  • Awesome badminton training again (my coach's remark of going back to the centre quicker really does work).

The grateful section:

  1. Grateful for new connections. Honestly, this new guy seems fucking chill. I'm looking forward to see how he integrates with the team and how or if the team dynamics will change. Bonus points is that he doesn't drink nor do drugs (just like me !).
  2. Grateful for my grandparents that contributed half of the money for the new couch. It was an expensive couch, but after taking a quick nap on it today, it was definitely worth it hahahha. That shit was comfortable.
  3. Grateful for new culinary experiences. Okay, I'm exaggerating, it wasn't a "culinary experience", but today, I wanted to buy some Chicken Gumbo Soup and I had already paid, unfortunately, they ran out so the guy proposed I have some Mushroom Bisque instead. For people who don't know, I've always said that I hated mushrooms, but I still gave it a shot. And hey ! It was pretty good hahah not the best shit ever, but pretty good.

Thought of the day:

I realized today that I have been distracted too much.

I think we're all a bit too distracted by a lot of things.

In my case though, I'm distracted by these little things that, by themselves, seem pretty innocent, they might even seem good, but together, they eat up my focus.

I want to re-introduce in my life this concept of "The One Thing", which is, in my opinion, one of the most impactful concepts one can apply in their lives and, if done right, can lead to exception transformations in any area that we want to improve in.

I can't take credit for this, the guy who wrote the book is called Gary W.Keller, look up the book if you want after my post.

I'll start with an example related to badminton.

As I wrote on Tuesday, my coach finally gave me an advice that, if applied correctly, could improve my game significantly.

That advice was to simply return to the centre of the court more quickly. The quicker you are to return, the easier it is to get to the next shot in time.

After he told me that, I tried it out during the rest of the practice and I could tell that this really did improve my game.

I told myself that this shall be my focus until I've mastered it to an appropriate level.

Today, I had another practice. At the beginning of the practice, I told myself that my single focus today is to also practice getting to the centre quicker. Do not care about anything else, what matters is getting back to the centre quicker.

The practice starts and we're doing a 2 vs 1 drill. As the drill was progressing a long, I realized that this particular drill exposed a lot of my weaknesses. It did not help that Mr. FS (or Mr. IDPM - I can't remember what nickname I used for him hahaha) knew what my weaknesses were and kept aiming for them (all for the sake of improving of course). I started to become frustrated and while doing the drill found myself starting to think about how to fix my forehand shots, then my overhead footwork, then my footwork to the left corner, then my net.

I was thinking about all these things so guess what I wasn't thinking about?

Getting back to the centre of the court !

You see, this is what I'm talking about.

All of the things I mentioned are good to work on. If I work on all of them, I'll eventually cover all my weaknesses.

The thing is that I cannot focus on all of them at once, I need to solely focus on ONE THING until I master it and then, and only then, should I move on to something else.

The crazy thing about this concept is that it applies to literally EVERYTHING.

In every area of my life, I can guarantee you that if I was following this principle to a T, I'd be much further along my journey than I am now.

What I'm doing now isn't necessarily bad, it's just a lot of things that kinda help me, but aren't THE most important thing that I should be doing.

The work flow should be to think about any area where you want to improve in.

Then, think about the 1 action that'll get you closer to your goal.

Then, concentrate on only doing that thing until you master it or accomplish it.

Then, re-assess and pick a new one thing to concentrate on.

It's very very simple, but actually so hard to do in practice.

I think THAT should be my ONE THING to focus on right now hahaha.

Good night.

Little Note:

I think this is something I want to apply in each AREA of my life, but I think it would be very unrealistic to try and do this with your life as a whole. If you dedicate your life to 1 single thing at a time, I think the consequences would outweigh the benefits. Then, the question becomes what areas of my life should I apply this on (because if you try to apply to absolutely everything in your life, you'll probably lose focus overall).

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