Living a curious life (#093)

Day Highlights:

  • Ate pho with JB.
  • First time visiting her house.
  • Spend the whole day with JB (cooking, mario kart, just dance, talking).

Thought of the day:

I have no idea what to talk about today.

It's almost 5am and every thought I have is self-labeled as being stupid or repetitive.

There is no new information that will come out of me tonight.

All I want to say is that today, while reading Big Magic, I read a passage that talked about curiosity > passion and I really liked the sentiment it gave out.

The author basically said that passion is something very hard on people who do not immediately have one; however curiosity is something very accessible.

She said to ask ourselves if there's ANYTHING we're curious about and then go fill up that curiosity.

I liked that idea of simply doing things and living life for the sake of being curious and nothing else.

She even says that the curiosity doesn't have to amount to anything at all, but as long as we make a conscious decision to always follow our curiosity, I'd be a worthwhile life and I feel like that's also the type of life I want.

That's it.


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