Mentally stronger (#009)

First recent experience in being destroyed mentally.

Day events:

  • Played my doubles final at the championship (lost). More about this in my thought of the day.
  • Did a bunch of 5lovelanguages quizzes while driving back to Montreal.
  • Stopped by kbbq to eat with badminton friends (it was fun and funny).
  • Had a good mature conversation about our relationship with miss JB (excellent outcome for both of us).

Thought of the day: Mental breakdown, good experience

Okay, I realized that I need to find a better writing schedule because these end of the day posts will keep getting shorter and shorter as I find less and less time to write.

Anyway, hopefully, I'll write a longer one tomorrow.

Today in the finals, a controversial call was made during the game point of the first set against me and my partner. The rally was supposed to end with us being neck-and-neck and instead, we lost the set just like that.

After that, all I can remember was arguing with the judge a bit, letting it go because she had already made her decision, seemingly faked moving on and then proceeded to play the 2nd set in autopilot.

10 minutes later, we had lost.

That one controversial call sealed the deal on the match. Even though we had another set to play, I was mentally gone. The whole experience was so surreal.

I remember not being able to see the shuttle well, not really seeing the court, thinking about the crowd. Everything except playing good, focused badminton.

As someone who prides themselves in being mentally strong, especially in badminton, today was an excellent reminder that I have a long way to go.

Cannot wait to see what next year will bring in terms of new experiences.

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