My current state was inevitable (#144)

Day highlights:

  • Slept 10.5 hours.
  • Complete a long overdue project.
  • Taking it easy today even though it was mentally hard to do so.
  • Laughed at some silly and adorable videos JB sent me.
  • Went for a small walk to move my body.
  • Coached at Malepart & played team singles (I'm starting to like coaching !!).
  • Expected to go sleep early todat again.

Thought of the day:

In hindsight, my body breaking down was inevitable.

I'm not only talking about getting sick, but also how many problems my body / leg had prior to me getting sick.

The plan was (and still sorta is) to re-evaluate what I want physically after this upcoming tournament (this weekend). Even though I was able to play some awesome badminton this summer, there was still a lot of fear around certain movements and activities, namely running.

Indeed, albeit my badminton game is not impacted a lot, the fact that I cannot run more than 8 minutes on the treadmill continues to be a redflag that something is not right with my body.

But even beyond that, the fact that I was pushing my body every single day for 3 months without having any real rest days, without sleeping enough and without doing any kind of recovery, could have only led to my current output.

A mentally and physically tired person.

In the last week, prior to getting sick, I decided to tone down everything and just concentrate on doing the "minimum". Coaching twice a week, playing twice a week, foam rolling as much as possible and sleeping more.

Let me tell you that it has made a huge difference. My legs feel better, I feel more energetic, I feel mentally sharper and I feel like I can do better overall.

The only thing missing is that I'm not really "pushing" myself or developing my body like I originally wanted to.

It's definitely going to be interesting to see what I'll come up with after the tournament is over (maybe I'll need a little help from Him).

Good night.

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