My first fellowship experience (#141)

Day highlights:

  • Spent the day with JB.
  • Splurged on some Uniqlo active apparel.
  • Went to fellowship for the first time ever (church).
  • Ate and had good followup discussions with JB at Poulet Rouge.

Thought of the day:

If I had the time, I would write more extensively about my first experience at church and also the video we watched together and discussed.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I want to go to sleep early because I am waking up tomorrow to attend Sunday Service.

I loved attending today's fellowship and, as I already discussed with JB, I'm pretty sure God wanted me to attend this specific fellowship.

It spoke so much to me and it had a positive impact on me.

I was super shy at first, but once I listened to the video, something clicked inside of me and I was compelled to share my thoughts.

As I was talking, I could see that the other kids were listening to me and that, somehow, my words were resonating with them.

A subject that was addressed in the video was the concept of individualism vs collectivism / community and it's one that I heavily related to. As someone who was born in North America and consumes a lot of social media, I think that growing up, I was heavily influenced to think about me, myself and I.

It was a fresh new perspective and somewhat freeing to hear that one of the reasons to attend church isn't to think about what "I can gain from going", but rather, "how can other people benefit from my presence here".

And that's exactly how I felt when I was talking to the kids there.

I guess growing up, I always wanted to have something similar to a church or a community or just people in general that I can talk to and have them give me advice when I wasn't sure about what I was doing or where I was going.

While talking, I had a brief thought of "huh, I can see myself talking to these kids and guiding them, I really like it and it feels very meaningful." but then it got followed by "yo bro, this is your first time at church, you know nothing about God's words and you're not even christian and bla bla bla."

Anyway, all this to say, I'm very glad God guided me towards today's fellowship session and, even if she does not want to be credited for it, I will also give thanks to JB for welcoming me and encouraging me to try it out.

That is all.

Good night.

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