Not enough exposure (#079)

Day events:

  • Went to go get my throat checked up (I indeed have an infection, hopefully it'll be 100% healed by Tuesday !!!)
  • Did a bit of cleaning.
  • Watched some standup comedy (I realized that I like this).
  • Yak yak yak yak yak session with the one and only Mr. PDS.
  • Supper at mom's house.

The grateful section:

  • Grateful to have a grandfather who is a doctor so that I can get some meds ASAP.
  • Grateful to be able to have long interesting conversations with people.
  • Grateful for these weekly Sunday family suppers.

Thought of the day:

While entering a new exploration phase, I realized that I'm a bit back at step 1 of my life.

Sure, mentally, I was able to progress, but physically, in the real world, nothing has changed.

I noticed one thing though, it's really hard to know what you truly want when we've been exposed to so few things in life.

Think about it, unless you're born in a super rich family can that travel all the time and meet all these different types of people, you've mostly have exposure to the same type of people your whole life.

Most people we meet have the same lifestyle and have similar routines.

Wake up, work, maybe do a hobby, go to sleep and repeat five days a week.

Maybe go out on the weekends or simply just relax and then repeat the week after.

If they're lucky enough, they can get in a few trips here and there throughout their life and that's basically it.

Now, if you're like me and you read this and you tell yourself "maybe this isn't exactly what I want."

It's a pretty good start to get closer to where you want to go.

But then, the next question is: "What else is out there? What is there to do?"

And I think this is where I'm currently at.

Remove all notions of success and money and whatever external validators are out there, even if I ask myself what would my ideal day be like or what type of lifestyle would I like to have, it's very hard to answer.

Simply because I haven't been exposed to enough cases.

I'll definitely be exploring more of these topics in the next few days / weeks.

I'm unsure if it'll help me progress, but I do find these thoughts interesting.

Good night.

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