On being more myself (#027)

Title says it all.

Day events:

  • Moved to the new apartment (hellish af)
  • Got to learn more about JB.

Thought of the day:

As the years pass by, I find myself becoming more and more like my true self and I love it.

It's not always fun being yourself, but I think it ultimately leads to the best outcome for yourself. Even though we don't always see it at first.

A great example of this is the way I planned, or in this case didn't plan, my move.

I got burned many many times during this move, mostly due to my lack of organization or my last minute planning of the move out, but when I really think about it, I wouldn't change a thing.

I think most people would organize their move during a long period of time in order to make sure that every single move is calculated.

That sounds excruciating to me. Spreading my stress across multiple multiple days. ugh. No thank you.

I was able to organize and move out in the span of 4 days. Short and sweet, just like how I like most things (one of the reasons why I like final exams period in Uni).

Alternatively, there are times where being myself has the best outcomes ever.

This whole new experience is a good example. I used to despise people who were in this situation, but I was probably just jealous.

I wasn't being myself. I was simply taking everything that other people were telling me and mimicking their attitude. This was simply to gain their approval.

But now that I decided to be myself and also accept who I am, I've been blessed with all kinds of things lately.

So in the worst case, being myself might lead to shitty but optimal scenarios and in the best case, well, it's the shit !

Moral of the story: just be yourself (only caveat is that it takes time to discover your our true selves).

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