Prayers and sending good vibes to all the sick people out there (#083)

Day events:

  • I was productive at work today despite being sick (or maybe because of it).
  • Took care of my body as much as possible by eating safely (no throat itritating things)
  • Took a power nap (felt good)
  • badminton practice (was playing well too surprisingly !)
  • Wanted to go home early but ended getting home later because of detours hahaha

The grateful section:

  1. Grateful for friends willing to give you a lift after practice (thank you Mr. FS)
  2. Grateful for fruits. I forgot how much I liked them plus they dont irritate my throat !
  3. Grateful that my sickness has not worsen too much and might even be healing.

Thought of the day:

I will make this short because I'm currently writing it in the car.

I really want to sleep early today.

I just want to take the time to be grateful about just not being super sick.

Yes, my current sickness sucks right now and I cannot wait for it to completely be healed.

With that being said though, I'm still relatively healthy.

I can still work, I can still spend time with loved ones, I can still play badminton (and even play well for some reason haha) and basically live my life "normally" with a few uncomfortable feelings.

But even I think it fucking sucks to be sick right now and can't really concentrate on anything other than getter better so I cannot imagine people who have an actually illness and even worse if they do not know what exactly they have.

My thoughts go to all those people. I wish them strength and hope they all recover.

Thank you God for keeping myself and my loved ones relatively healthy all these years.

Good night.

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