Prioritization matters (#007)

Small lesson confirming that prioritization works.

Day events:

  • Took 2 work meetings.
  • Decided to take time off from work to nap because I slept ultra badly yesterday.
  • Good bonding time with Angela while buying food.
  • Played doubles at the championships and managed to get to finals despite my partner being sick ! (Goodjob son !)

Thought of the day: Prioritization matters

I have to go to sleep soon.

I'll keep this short.

Today, I had the choice of either doing a day of work or taking time off to catchup on the sleep I lost yesterday.

I decided to do the latter because my main priority was to perform well at the championship.

I don't know how much this factored into me getting to the finals tonight, but I'm damn glad that I did it.

Even if it improved my performance by 1%, it was still worth it.

Knowing your priorities and acting accordingly to them works.

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