Push through (#004)

Take action in order to get out of comfort.

Day Events:

  • Finished delivery of commission scaling for the first run.
  • Caught up to the latest chapter of "The Lord of Coins" [TLoC].
  • Really good ATG session at the gym.
  • Ate some of my mom's excellent rhubarb crumble.
  • Went to Rob's to eat some more crumble and talk about career, dating, remote work and life in general.

Thought of the day: Reminder that happiness comes after struggle.

I guess this is a small follow up on my previous post.

After a working pretty intensely on delivery this commission project for the past 2 weeks (crunch time), I decided to relax for the last hour of my workday.

That's when I caught up to TLoC.

At the beginning of the day though, I scheduled my gym session at 5pm because I knew that I wanted to arrive at Rob's early in order to leave early.

However, at 5:50pm, I was still in my bed reading TLoC.

In that very moment, I was so comfortable that I almost convinced myself not to go the gym. I was making up stories in my head, telling myself I might need to rest before the upcoming tournament.

Even though deep down, I knew going to the gym was the right move, I still had a hard time getting out of my comfort zone.

Until I remembered my commitment to stop avoiding pain.

The enemy of comfort is action. The more action you take, the less comfort has a pull on you. So I quickly jumped out of bed, put on some gym clothes and rushed out of the house.

Soon after, I was at the gym and the rest is history.

Needless to say, I felt A-MAZING after my workout, as I always do.

This is just a little story to illustrate that there are times when I might know what's good for me, but still have a hard time actioning on it. I hope you can relate.

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