Relationships are worth it (#110)

Day highlights:

  • Wednesday study date !!
  • Achievement unlocked (yaaaay)
  • Nap time.
  • Badmintonn (mixed feelings because I played pretty well, but the atmosphere was a bit different today).
  • Trying to sort things out with Mr. WHAAAAT.

Thought of the day:

I just want to remind myself that relationships are hard in general.

I'm not talking only about romantic relationships, I'm also talking about friendships and the relationships we have with our loved ones no matter who they are to us (family, friend, etc.)

Not only do we have to deal with ourselves, which can already be a complicated task, but we also have to deal with a completely other being that we do not know as well as we know ourselves.

At the end of the day though, I feel like all the effort that we put in a healthy relationship is worth it.

Obviously, if it's one-sided, forget about it, it's not worth it, but if both parties find the relationship to be important, then I want to do everything I can to make it a good relationship.

I used to be someone who would quickly move on from friends to friends and that's probably why I know a lot of people, but have few friends.

I no longer want this to be the case.

When I die, one thing for sure I want to be remembered for is being a good friend and being there for my loved ones.

Good night.

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