Reminder that communication is key (#045)

ehhh I don't know, this is for JB.

Day events:

  • Rough start to the day with that goddamn truck waking me up again (I'll try to adjust my sleep schedule to fit in my "natural" alarm).
  • Rather productive day at work today (I got like 2-3 tasks done, unlike me haha).
  • Got to discover a new side of miss JB and I guess show her a new side of me as well (thank you xx)
  • Gym session (I know Goggins says it's weak, but gymming without music fkn sucks LOL).
  • Started a new anime (Paripi Koumei, I really like it, it's wholesome, funny, feels-y and also weirdly inspiring).

Thought of the day:

Today was a distressful day for me.

I think this was inevitable, had it not happened today, it would have happened another day.

The only thing is that I wish we were in person when it happened, but then again, maybe the situation would have been avoided if we were.

This reminded me the importance of communication.

And I'm really really glad we were able to talk it through.

As I've mentioned before, I absolutely hate the silent treatment and I'm grateful that you not only remembered that, but also acted on it.

There's so many more things I want to say, but I'll keep in between us so if we do have the opportunity, I'd like to talk about today another time haha.

I think I already mentioned it, but thanks for showing me this other side of you even if you dislike it.

I believe that every human is flawed and that it's exhausting to try and pretend like we're not. That obviously doesn't mean that we should do nothing about it and just let it be. It simply means that we should accept ourselves, all of ourselves for what we truly are. Imperfect beings.

And I just find myself grateful to be in a position where I was even able to see another real part of you so thank you.

For the record, I still do not regret meeting you even if it means meeting this side of you.

Stay golden wittle one xx.

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