Short-term sacrifices for long-term gains: the intro (#123)

Day highlights:

  • Meditated 10 minutes.
  • Started using pomodoro to work. I was able to deep work for ~2 hours (individual work).
  • Went around the neighbourhood to ask people if I could use their printer to print my GST forms.
  • Sent my forms via Canada Post.
  • Picked up JB afterwards.
  • Coached badminton practice at Malepart.
  • Danced away to Cuff It by Queen Bey with JB.

Thought of the day:

It's really funny.

One day, I say that I have no idea what I want.

The next day, I know what I want and not only do I know, but now I want too many things.

And with wanting many things, there comes one big problem for a guy like me who has a hard time making decisions:

making decisions.

About what specifically?

Making decisions about what to prioritize.

I've already discussed in the past that I'm not a very logical guy.

If I were, I'd probably be very well off financially right now, but maybe I'd be miserable... so maybe I actually am logical when it comes to making myself happy.

Anyway, I realized that I want many different things within the same area and due to my limited time, I'll need to pick one and do that for an amount of time. It goes without saying that I won't be able to dedicate time to the other things within the same area for that period of time.

Let me make it clearer with an example.

In terms of fitness, I like the progress my body had for the past 4 months, consequently, I'd like to continue doing that, but at the same time, I know I have to prioritize my recovery. Once my body is completely healed, I'll really be able to push myself and have better gains in every aspect of my fitness (explosiveness, strength, badminton, etc.)

It'll require me to suffer temporarily to have better long-term results and I dislike it.

I realized a lot of my problems stem from not being able to suffer temporarily even if I know something better will come out of it later on.

I need to reflect more on this, but not today.

Good night.

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