Should I be in a non-technical role? Part 1 (#040)

inching closer to the question "if I could have any job right now, what would it be?" by exploring my bias towards technical roles. part 1

Day events:

  • Woke up at 12pm today (it honestly felt good to sleep in during the week lol).
  • Worked for 5 hours (I was pretty productive, I feel like 5 hours is the perfect amount of work hours).
  • Switched out the swing top garbage can for a step on garbage can (happy about this decision).
  • Made a quick supper with the chicken mom made (I really have to learn how to meal prep).
  • Badminton from 8 to 10 (shorter session than usual, but I played well so I'm happy about that).
  • Purchased video doorbell + echo show for mommy (hope this works).
  • A bit of yak yak with Mr. PDS.

Thought of the day:

This is going to be a shorter one.

I'm trying to fix my sleep schedule and the subject of today's post is something that I haven't figured out 100% yet.

I started thinking about my life again and more specifically about the question "if I could have any job right now, what would it be?"

And I still don't know the answer to that, but I think I got closer to it today.

I was mindlessly scrolling LinkedIn today while half-listening to a meeting and I saw a post about someone from Cote d'Ivoire saying that they had just release the first smartphone that supports 13 dialects spoken in the country.

I read it and I told myself "shit, that's dope."

Followed by "I wish I could have participated in a project like that."

Now, what I'm saying is NOT that I want to bring smartphones to developing countries.

What I'm saying is that I'd want to be involved in projects where I can say to myself "I care about this shit and I find the project dope af."

This doesn't reaaally help me find what job I'd like to do, but at the very least, I know that to make myself feel alive, I can't be working a job where I don't care about it (kinda like what I'm doing now). And the best indicator for that is me saying "that's dope" to a project. If it has my dopeness approval, it's most likely something I'd like to work on.

Now, the question is: What role would I play in a dope project?

And this one, I have a harder time answering.

Mainly because, as I said in my previous post, I don't really know what my strengths are / what I'm good at / how I can be useful to a project.

Secondly (is this the word that goes after mainly? idk) because I'm pretty sure I have an old belief somewhere in me that stops me from truly realizing what role I want to have.

What do I mean by that?

Well right now, I have a really hard time admitting to myself that I might be best suited in a non-technical role. And by technical, I mean anything that involves "doing the work".

But realistically, I think a non-technical role is something that I would enjoy and actually thrive in.

This is all for part 1.

In part 2, I'll explore more in depth the reasons why I can't see myself in a "non-technical" role.

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